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Square Chocolate Pear with touch of Argan

An irresistible sweetness that I wanted to share with you. A beautiful creation that will undoubtedly make everyone agree with this mellow melting in the mouth, an ultra light cream and pieces of caramelized fruit,
It’s your turn!!

💥100g flour
💥150g of sugar
💥4 egg
💥3 cases of lukewarm water
💥1 / 2 sachet of yeast
💥100g of dark chocolate
💥100g of butter

✔ caramelized pears
💥1cases of argan oil
💥1 case of honey
💥30g of butter

✔ chocolate organache
💥300ml of full cream 30%
💥160g of sweetened condensed milk
💥150g dark chocolate
💥20g of cocoa

💥 roasted and crushed almonds
💥50g of melted chocolate

✔ Preparation of the softness
♦️ Melt the chocolate with the butter
♦️Separate the whites from the egg yolks
♦️ ️To snow the egg whites
♦️ Whisk the yolks with the sugar and water until whisk
♦️Add flour and baking powder
♦️ ️ Mix everything.
♦️ ️Add the chocolate to the mixture
♦️ ️ gently incorporate the snow whites into the preparation
♦️ ️In a 20 cm mold, butter and flour, pour your appliance then bake at 180 ° for 30 minutes
♦️ ️Once the cake is cooked, unmould and leave to cool

✔preparation of the ganache
♦️ ️In a saucepan put the condensed milk + the chocolate to heat until the chocolate melts.
♦️ ️allow to cool completely
♦️ to reserve
♦️ ️In the robot bowl, whip the liquid cream, so I have a whipped cream
♦️ Add the chocolate condensed milk mixture + cocoa and mix gently using a spatula
♦️ keep your ganache in the refrigerator before use

✔ preparation of caramelized pears
♦️ Peel your pears, cut them into strips
♦️ ️In a frying pan, put the butter as well as the argan oil, the honey and mix well
♦️ ️Caramelize the pears for 5 minutes, turning them carefully.
♦️ remove and let cool
♦️ ️book

✔ Assembling the cakes
♦️ Arrange caramelized pears on your cakes, leave a few slices to decorate your cakes
♦️ Take your ganache out of the fridge and put it in a piping bag to poach your ganache on the cake you can use any piping tip for my part I used the canellée and the one for the macaroon
♦️ arrange the rest of pears and sprinkle with crushed almonds on top of the chocolate
♦️ Let your cake cool for 1 hour in the fridge before tasting.

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