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Velouté Squash, Buternut, Pumpkin

Autumn has arrived, make way for small entrances to warm up in front of a fireplace (I personally don’t have one).
Nothing like a small soup, velvety and light, this recipe will allow you to fall asleep light.

💥2 onions
💥2 shallots
💥250g of squash
💥250g butternut
💥250g dd pumpkin
💥2 potatoes
💥3 carrots
💥1cube of vegetable broth
💥2 cases of Philadelphia
💥1 clove of garlic
💥 Olive oil

♦️ ️Peel and wash the vegetables.
♦️ ️Cut them into small pieces, put them in a saucepan with the onion + shallots, the vegetable stock cube, salt, drizzle of olive oil.
♦️ ️Let the vegetables simmer for 20min
♦️ ️Add 1 liter of boiling water
♦️ ️Leave it in the heat for ten minutes
♦️ ️Once the vegetables are cooked, mix with a hand blender
♦️ ️Add the Philadelphia and mix.

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