Vegetable dchicha

Balboula couscous, also called barley semolina couscous, is both light and easy to digest and rich in nutrients.
An explosion of flavors with every bite.

💥400g barley semolina couscous
💥500 g of lamb
💥1 large onion
💥4 carrots
💥2 turnips
💥3 zucchini
💥 Kale
💥2 grated tomatoes + 2 cut into small pieces
💥salt, pepper
💥1 tsp of paprika
💥1 tsp tomato paste
💥1 large handful of chickpeas
💥1bunch of parsley / coriander
💥1 case of ginger
💥1cac de smen
Olive oil
💥1 teaspoon of turmeric
Saffron filaments
💥1 vegetable broth
💥500ml of water for the couscous

✔Confis of onions
💥4 onions, thinly sliced
💥1 cup of cinnamon
💥1 case of honey
💥50ml of water
💥100g of raisins

♦️ ️in a saucepan put the chopped onions, honey, cinnamon and water.
cook until the onions caramelize and add the raisins.

✔ Preparation of couscous
♦️ ️Wash the barley semolina in a large, deep dish with cold water.
♦️ Drain the semolina using a colander then put it back in the dish, spread it out and let it dry for a few minutes, then ♦ ️ coat it with two tablespoons of olive oil.
♦️ ️Rub the seeds delicately between your hands to separate them and avoid forming large balls during cooking.
♦️ to reserve

✔ Preparation of the broth
♦️ ️In a pot (couscoussier) pour the oil and put the meat
♦️ ️Add the chopped onion, tomato cut into small pieces and the spices.
♦️ ️Bring back for a few minutes.
♦️ ️Add 1.5 liters of boiling water
♦️ ️Add the vegetables except zucchini and kale (they cook quickly).
♦️ ️Cook the chickpeas (soak them overnight) in a saucepan with vegetable broth.
♦️ ️When the sauce begins to boil place the barley semolina at the top of the couscoussier.
♦️ ️Let it steam for about 30 minutes after the steam has escaped.
♦️ ️Remove and pour into a gas3a or a large terrine.
♦️ ️ Detach the couscous seeds immediately by wetting with water
♦️ ️ Sprinkle the couscous and rub gently between the hands.
♦️ ️Let the couscous rest quietly while the meat and vegetables cook.
♦️ ️ Add the zucchini cut in 2 or 3 + the cabbage + the tomato paste and mixed tomato
♦️ ️Place the couscous maker and cook the couscous a second time for 10min
♦️ ️Pour the couscous in the gas3a and add butter or olive oil
♦️ ️Check the cooking of the vegetables by pushing in the knife blade or when the skin of the meat comes off easily.
♦️ ️Serve the hot couscous drizzled with the sauce, the meat placed in the center surrounded by vegetables and chickpeas, and on top of the onion confis with the raisins.

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