Tajine with Cardoons and Figs

A seasonal tagine full of flavors, with many benefits,
the secret is to let it simmer well to obtain a tasty sauce and soft cardoons in the mouth.

💥500 g of meat of your choice
💥500 to 600 g of cardoons cleaned, washed and soaked in lemon water + 1 tbsp of flour.
💥1tsp ginger
💥1 / 2tsp pepper
💥1 tsp of turmeric
💥1 tsp of salt
💥Saffron pastry
💥1 large onion, chopped
💥2 grated garlic cloves
💥 chopped parsley / cilantro
💥Candied lemon and olive
💥Olive oil
💥water for cooking
💥Some figs
💥500ml of water

♦️ ️In a pot or casserole dish, add the spices, onion, garlic, olive oil, parsley and coriander.
♦️ ️Let simmer, stirring, add water and cook until the meat is cooked.
♦️ CLEAN and cut the cardoons, then put them in lemon water with a tablespoon of flour to prevent them from oxidizing.
♦️ ️Once your meat is cooked, remove it.
♦️ Put the cardoons in your casserole dish add 500ml of water and leave to cook for 40min, watching the cooking
♦️ ️ at the end of cooking, add the olives and the candied lemon
♦️ ️Rinse the figs and cut them into quarters.
♦️ ️Melt the butter in a pan.
♦️ ️Put the figs in the pan, skin side down and roast them for 5 minutes, basting them with butter and the cooking juices.
♦️ ️ Decorate your tagine with figs, it’s up to you.

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