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Tafarnout, Traditional South Moroccan Bread

Failing to taste this bread accompanied by amlou and honey in a small village near Agadir, I let myself be tempted by reproducing it near Paris. A successful bet, all you have to do is clear the stones.

💥300G of flour
💥250g extra fine semolina
💥1 case of dehydrated baker’s yeast
💥1 case of honey
💥1 cup of salt
💥1 tbsp of olive oil
💥300ml to 350ml lukewarm water

♦️ ️In a bowl, mix all the ingredients except the oil and gradually add the water until you have a sticky dough. ♦ ️Add olive oil and mix. watch my video on my youtube channel touria recipes to help you out.
♦️ ️leave the dough to rest for 30min
♦️ ️form balls.
♦️ ️Spread each ball out on a work surface and sprinkle with semolina.
♦️ ️Cover them with a cloth and let rise.
♦️ ️In the pan, put the pebbles and let heat for 15 min.
♦️ ️Place your dough on the hot pebbles and leave to cook.
♦️ ️Once you flip your bread over to the other side put a lid on and cook.
♦️ Watch how I cook on my tutorial: YouTube “touria recipes”

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