Salted butter caramel peanut cake

A good fondant cake filled with caramel and coated with a good chocolate, a delight to try. At the 1st bite, it reminds you of a chocolate from your childhood, it’s up to you to tell me.

💥250g of flour
💥5 eggs
💥180g of sugar
💥1cac of baking powder
💥1 bag of vanilla sugar
💥150g soft butter
💥120ml of full cream 30%
💥200g roasted peanuts
💥200g of chocolate
💥1 case of oil

✔Salted butter caramel
💥150g sugar
💥70g semi-salted butter
💥15cl liquid cream

✔ preparation of caramel
♦️ ️In a saucepan, pour the powdered sugar and melt it over medium heat.
♦️ ️When the sugar has melted and the caramel turns an amber color, turn off the heat immediately.
♦️ ️In the microwave, warm the liquid cream.
♦️ ️ Pour it all at once, but slowly, over the caramel.
♦️ ️Stir. Then add the salted butter cut into small cubes, and mix with a whisk.
♦️ ️Replace the pan on low heat and whisk vigorously to dissolve all the pieces of caramel.
♦️ ️Pour the caramel into a glass jam jar.
♦️ to reserve

✔Preparation of the cake
♦️ ️In the robot bowl, work the butter with the sugar.
♦️ ️ Gradually add the eggs.
♦️ ️Once this mixture is complete, add the liquid cream.
♦️ add the flour, baking powder and mix until a perfect mixture is obtained
♦️ ️ make a line of butter over your cake dough
♦️ Butter your cake mold, pour your appliance Bake 160 ° for 40min
♦️ Let cool and unmold your cake.
♦️ ️wrap it in cling film until the next day.
♦️ ️for my I have a special mold which allows to make a hole all along my cake.
♦️ ️you can use an apple corer to hollow out your cake to garnish it with caramel using a pastry bag.
♦️ place caramel on top of the cake and put the peanuts all along your cakes
♦️ ️melt the chocolate in the microwave or in a bain-marie add 1 teaspoon of oil and mix
♦️ ️Pour the icing on the cake and allow the icing to harden before serving.

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