Pancakes with fermented milk

Soft and light, a recipe to try urgently with an amazing ingredient that will give more lightness.

💥250g of flour
💥3 eggs
💥2 bags of vanilla sugar
💥2cases of sugar
💥 1 pinch of salt
💥150ml of fermented milk
💥25g melted butter
💥2cases of oil
💥450ml whole milk

✔ Preparation
♦️ ️In a bowl put the flour, sugar, vanilla sugar and salt, Make a well add the eggs, fermented milk.
♦️ ️ Mix gently, if the mixture becomes thick, gradually add the milk in order to have a fluid paste
♦️ ️Then add the melted butter (cooled) and the oil, mixing well.
♦️ ️Bake the pancakes in a hot pan.
♦️ Add a ladle of dough and cook for 3 minutes on each side.

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