Exotic Cake

The exotic fruits and the cake, what a marriage !!! Waoww
My little secret soaking it generously will make it very soft and give it the freshness that you don’t often find in Cakes. 👌😉

💥250g of flour
💥4 eggs
💥180g of sugar
💥1 bag of baking powder
💥1 bag of vanilla sugar
💥2 cases of coconut
💥5 pineapple slices cut into cubes
💥150g melted butter
💥120ml of full cream 30%

💥150ml pineapple juice
💥30g of sugar

💥Pineapple pieces

✔ Preparation
♦️ ️In the bowl of your food processor, mix the eggs with the sugar until it doubles in volume.
♦️ ️Add the liquid cream and mix, the melted butter and the coconut.
♦️ Finish with the flour and the baking powder and mix at speed1.
♦️ ️Add the pineapple cut into small pieces.
♦️ Pour the dough into a cake mold Butter, flour and sprinkle the top with coconut
♦️ ️Bake at 160 for 45min

✔ Syrup preparation
♦️ ️In a saucepan, put the pineapple juice with the sugar and cook for 5 minutes
♦️ to reserve
♦️ ️Unmould the cake soak in syrup and
♦️ ️ Decorate with the pineapple pieces and the coconut.

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