Chocolate cupcakes

Looking for a cupcake recipe?
I give you my favorite recipe to have as much melting cupcakes as you want.
Have fun with this dessert, use all the flavors and fillings possible.

✔ INGREDIENTS 12-15 cupcakes
💥1 egg
💥125g of flour
💥40g of cocoa
💥180g of sugar
💥120ml of fermented milk
💥80ml oil
💥1cac of baking powder
💥1 bag of vanilla sugar

✔ chocolate whipped organache
💥300g of milk chocolate
💥260ml full cream
💥40g of butter

✔preparing the cupcakes
♦️ ️In a bowl, mix the cocoa with the flour, salt and yeast.
♦️ ️In another bowl, mix the egg with the sugar, fermented milk and oil, add this mixture to the previous mixture.
♦️ ️Place boxes in your muffin tin impressions then pour a little batter.
♦️ ️Fill the boxes to 2/3 at most.
♦️ ️Bake in an oven preheated to 175 ° C for 18 minutes of cooking.
♦️ ️Let cool

✔ mounted ganache
♦️ ️In a saucepan, heat the cream and bring it to the boil.
♦️ ️ Chop your chocolate or break into pieces.
♦️ ️Pour half of the hot liquid cream over the chocolate and mix with a spatula.
♦️ ️ Pour in the remainder and continue mixing to obtain a smooth and homogeneous mixture.
♦️ ️ add the butter and mix
♦️ Cover with cling film and place in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours.
♦️ ️Once the ganache has cooled, put it in your food processor and whisk until you have a smooth whipped cream, continue to whisk until thickened.

✔Mounting the cupcakes
♦️ ️With a pastry bag, fill the cupcakes with the spread by making a hole underneath.
♦️ ️ decorate your cupcakes with the chocolate ganache (I used a fluted nozzle)
♦️ ️ watch the video on my YouTube channel touria recipes for decoration 😉 😉

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