Chicken cauliflower gratin

The season for gratin dishes is back.
Nothing like simplicity with this gourmet gratin full of flavors.

💥400g chicken breast
💥1 cabbage flower
💥4 potatoes
💥1 onion, chopped
💥2 clove of garlic
💥Olive oil

✔Béchamel sauce
💥300 ml of milk
💥200ml of coconut milk
💥100 g of butter
💥50 g of flour
💥salt, pepper
💥 grated mozzarella cheese

♦️ ️Cut the cauliflower
♦️ ️Peel and cut the potatoes into slices
♦️ ️ Steam or boil the vegetables for 10 minutes.
♦️ ️During this time, cut the chicken into cubes and brown them in a pan with olive oil and spices for 10 minutes.

✔preparation of the bechamel sauce
♦️ Pour in the milk, the coconut milk butter and the sifted flour, nutmeg.
♦️ ️Put on medium heat, whisking constantly until the milk boils
♦️ “The sauce will start to thicken and be smooth.
In a baking dish, divide the cauliflower, potatoes and chicken. Pour in the cream and sprinkle with grated cheese
♦️ ️Bake for 35 minutes then serve hot.

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