Bread stuffed with chicken

A simple, quick and original recipe that makes you want to. Only one question remains to be asked how many squares are you going to eat? Lol. I used a chocolate bar mold

💥250g of flour
💥200ml of water (it all depends on your flour
💥1 case of honey
💥1 cup of salt
💥50g of butter
💥1 case of dehydrated onion
💥1tbsp parsley to dry
💥1 bag of dehydrated baker’s yeast

✔The stuffing
💥300g chicken breast cut into small pieces
💥Yellow, red, green pepper
💥2 onions, chopped
💥1 clove of garlic
💥Chopped parsley
💥Black olives cut into small pieces
💥1 case of curry
💥1cac Paprika
💥1table of mustard
💥Olive oil
💥cheddar cheese

✔Preparing the stuffing
♦️ ️In a frying pan, brown the pieces of chicken with the onion, peppers and spices
♦️ Leave leather for 15min
♦️ add grated cheddar cheese and mix and set aside

✔Preparing the dough
♦️ ️In the bowl of your robot put the flour, yeast, honey, salt,
onions, parsley, gradually add the water
♦️ ️Knead for 2min add the butter and knead again until the dough comes off the base of your robot.
♦️ ️form 2 balls
♦️ Spread the first one and place it in your mold.
♦️ Spread the mustard and arrange the chicken stuffing.
♦️ ️Sprinkle with grated mozzarella
♦️ Spread out the 2nd dough and put it on top to even out the edges.
♦️ ️ let stand 20min
♦️ ️Bake at 180 ° for 35min

♦️ ️ Tip
the spices are to put according to you and your tastes)
You can season it as you wish minced meat, chicken, tuna, goat cheese, emmental, it’s up to you now 👌

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