Almond raspberry gazelle horns

One of the flagship pastries of the Maghreb, this little scent of orange blossom will remind you of the good festive moments.
Why not add a little fruity side,
I chose raspberries for their tangy side which will balance this little gem.

✔ ingredients
💥500g of flour
💥2cases of Icing sugar
💥2cases of oil
💥125g of soft butter
💥 1 pinch of salt
💥50ml orange blossom water
💥50ml of water

✔ Almond paste
💥250g Sugar
💥250g almonds
💥200g dehydrated raspberry
💥4cases of melted butter
💥 1 case of orange blossom
💥1 case of jam

💥1 egg white
💥1 cup of Icing sugar
💥1cac of orange blossom

♦️ Spread the raspberries on a baking sheet covered with baking paper
♦️ ️Bake at 90 ° for 3 hours and stir a little every half hour
♦️ ️Book
♦️ ️In a bowl, mix the flour with the butter as if you are working a shortbread dough.
♦️ add the other ingredients
♦️ ️ Pick up the dough with the orange blossom water
♦️ ️Let the dough rest overnight in a cool place.

✔ Flound almonds
♦️ ️Bring a pot of water to a boil.
♦️ ️ Immerse the almonds for 2 minutes.
♦️ ️ Drain them and put them in a container filled with cold water.
♦️ ️Remove the skin and let it dry
♦️ ️ Grind the almonds with the caster sugar to obtain an almond paste.
♦️ Add your raspberries and mix
♦️ ️ Work the almond paste with the butter, jam, arabic gum, orange blossom water
♦️ ️Take the dough out and knead well, add orange blossom water until you obtain a supple and manageable dough.
♦️ ️ Divide the dough into several balls and wrap them in cling film.
♦️ Spread the dough fairly thinly.
♦️ ️ Place your marzipan at the end and form a crescent moon.
♦️ ️Cut the horn with a serrated roller. ♦ ️Once the gazelle horns (help you with the video on my YouTube channel the touria recipes and the tutorial in my story) have been prepared, place them on a baking sheet covered with baking paper and leave them to dry for 12 hours in the fridge.
♦️ Prick the gazelle horns with a needle to allow the steam to escape during cooking.
♦️ ️ Coat the gazelle horns with a little butter and bake them in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 10 minutes.
♦️ ️Once cooked, brush with a mixture of egg white, sugar and orange blossom.
♦️ ️ Return to the oven for 1 minute
♦️ let cool and decorate with raspberries to dry

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