Les Recettes de Touria.

Passionate about pastry and cooking, this blog is a great satisfaction for me.
It is the culmination of long years of learning initiated by the 2 greatest chefs in my eyes: mum and dad ♥️
My ambition now is to make cooking accessible to everyone, and to share my humble know-how with simple recipes full of tips.
At your stove !!


Almond raspberry gazelle horns

One of the flagship pastries of the Maghreb, this little scent of orange blossom will remind you of the good festive moments.Why not add a little fruity side,I chose raspberries...


Apple Brioche

Ultra soft and smooth, this brioche associated with apples.will ensure a lightness in the mouth with a fruity touch. A delight to share during a snack. ✔Ingredients💥500g of flour💥1 case of...


Baked Stuffed Potatoes

I offer you a classic of the kitchen, the stuffed potato. A tasty and substantial dish, to delight your family😋😋 ✔ INGREDIENTS💥2 potatoes per person💥15cl of liquid cream💥2cases of fine herb...


A drizzle of olive oil and direction Morocco with this very popular dish that can be found in other regions of the Maghreb. The bessara is a puree, or rather thick...


Bread stuffed with chicken

A simple, quick and original recipe that makes you want to. Only one question remains to be asked how many squares are you going to eat? Lol. I used a...


Chicken cauliflower gratin

The season for gratin dishes is back.Nothing like simplicity with this gourmet gratin full of flavors. ✔Ingredients💥400g chicken breast💥1 cabbage flower💥4 potatoes💥1 onion, chopped💥2 clove of garlic💥sel💥Olive oil💥Turmeric💥Ginger💥cumin ✔Béchamel sauce💥300 ml of...


Chocolate cupcakes

Looking for a cupcake recipe?I give you my favorite recipe to have as much melting cupcakes as you want.Have fun with this dessert, use all the flavors and fillings possible. ✔...


Curd breads

I offer you a bread recipe with super soft, spongy, airy curdled milk, you would have to test it to believe it. 🤪🤪 ✔ INGREDIENTS💥400g of flour💥200g of extra fine semolina💥20g...

Easy to reproduce at home!

Recipes that are easy to reproduce at home!

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